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About Me as a Narrator

I began Voice Acting as a child. We had stories on cassette tape, and the actors didn't always perform believably, so I made it my business to press the red record button and "fix it" with my squeaky six-year-old voice. I haven't stopped acting since!

My voice is rich, smooth, and full-bodied, carrying a lot of emotion. Between that and my skill in voicing female characters, I find myself narrating a lot of Best Selling Romance. However, thanks to my vocal flexibility, I've also enjoyed narrating Young Adult

and Sci-Fi/Fantasy titles as well.

For non-fiction, I rely on my experience teaching and presenting, fitting delivery to the audience and maintaining interest. 


Growing up with mixed-race parents and non-binary LGBTQ+ siblings was a gift, one that helps me to portray the diverse cast found in audiobooks in a connected way. 

I've completed a Professional Certificate in Music Studies through Berklee College, on my way to an Advanced Professional Certificate, all focused on audio production and the art of using voice to convey emotion and story.

When all the preparation and research is done and it's time to narrate, I step into my world-class home studio and bring it all to life. 

About Me as a Person

Pro Tip: Two coffee cans and a hair dryer can make a decent forge.

Born in Chesapeake, Virginia, my mother was a Mexican immigrant, and my father was in the Army Special Forces.  I started wearing little combat boots when I was four, the same age I picked up a bow and arrow. That's pretty normal for my family though... we've fought pretty much every generation since the 1400's. Probably earlier. 

When I was twelve, I grew to love blacksmithing, making small arrowheads and knives in a makeshift forge I saw in a hundred-year-old book.

More importantly, I grew to appreciate what it meant to have a craft.

I had the good fortune to train under a Broadway actor in my teens. I fell in love with acting, and the look on a person's face as they realize what you did wasn't technically real. It's the same look they have  when they hold a hand forged knife they drew on a napkin a few days ago. People rarely ever get to hold something someone poured themselves into, I think it's part of what makes hugging their children so special.

As my teens drew to a close, I headed off to the United States Military Academy. It's like a weaponized Hogwarts. Not much sleep, but you eventually graduate (sometimes) and become an officer in the Army.

So it was I found myself in Alaska, putting my boots on to go run in the snow, training for Special Forces Selection. It just seemed like the thing to do. My incredible Emily stopped me and said "You seem motivated whenever you mention Special Forces, but you only smile after you act." She was right.  I traded my boots for a Neumann microphone, and a life spent telling stories. 

My hope is that it brings others the same joy that the work brings me.

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